Stop Being Broke!

How To STOP Living Broke!
(By Getting Paid For Telling People How To BREAK This Cycle!)

If you really are tired of always being broke (or just want a lot more cash), let me assure you the Internet is your answer (if you can pick your way through the landmines). It lets you easily contact people who need the same thing and earn hundreds of dollars in a day with only basic skills that anyone can master. Then simply apply those skills on your own schedule to whatever you want to promote and start getting paid instead of watching it all go down the drain!

  1. A product or service that WORKS and is in HIGH DEMAND.
  2. A way to get it in front of the people who are LOOKING for it.
The people you want to get your solution in front of, are the thousands who spend hours on the Internet every day trying to get someone else to buy into their current failure. At least 90% of all the stuff you see advertised is nothing but wishful thinking.

Most of them are losing way more than they earn, by spending money on stuff that just plain doesn't work and getting more frustrated every time they do.

If you can get them to read a page like this (We will set one up for you free), common sense will take over and you won't need to sell anything! It will be like releasing a cotton ball in front of a powerful shop vacuum hose!

So What's In High Demand?

The next time you are out and about, look around and see how many people have a smartphone in their hand. If it's in their hand, you can bet they are paying too much for the service that makes it work. NO ONE carries around a phone with no service and the big companies have been milking us FOREVER!

So what if you could save a bunch on your own service starting right now, then save even more if you share what you learned with others that are having the same problem?

I'm not talking about going into the business, just tell a few friends how much you are saving (like I did today) and how they can save too. For every one that jumps on your idea, you make $5 a month for as long as they subscribe.

I had another big company I paid way too much to for more years than I like to remember and they never gave me a DIME for sending them new customers, let alone keep paying me every month.

It really is that simple!

Check My Website Out and Get One Yourself Free!

Getting More Specific

If you have a GSM phone (that just means it has a SIM card) from T-Mobile, all you need to do is replace it with one of ours and activate it online.

If you don't have a GSM phone, you can get a used one for as little as $10 or buy a new one that is already set up. You might even have a friend or relative that has one in a drawer that isn't being used.

If you don't have the money to buy one, I can show you where to get it free just for trying out a new Prepaid Visa Card. Click Here for the Details

Here's an idea. If you have a purchase to make or a bill to pay that will take a VISA card, get one of these and load it with enough (at least $40) to do it. Then use your new card do do what you were going to do anyway and you will have a $20 Bonus left over. Show anyone else how to do the same thing and get another $20 for each one. Pretty soon you will have enough to get your new phone with free money!

Our Bonus Offer

When you decide to use this team concept to start building your own income, we will furnish a website like this one for you (with your links on it). Then you just start sending your contacts there and the rest happens automatically.

There are thousands of people that have lost their jobs (some can't even get unemployment compensation) that through no fault of their own are being bled dry in various online opportunities, mostly because they are trying to get massive numbers of referrals and can't. They are HOT prospects for this plan and we just need to show it to them.

When you see the simple logic in this team concept and want to get started, all you need to do is join the website from my link above, then contact me so we can get your own website up. Then you just start sending people there, it really is that simple.

See you at the BANK.

Fred Hentschelmann
Skype: funbuddyfred
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